The New Young Christian is beyond thrilled to partner with The AXE Academy. The Axe Academy is a specialized life development and community learning platform for leaders who want to make their life count. If you are looking for inspirational leadership development then learn more here:


a Mission Designed for You

Our MISSION is to create an ever-growing library of life-sharpening tools that aid in unleashing the best version of you, YOUR AXE, delivered by digital & analogue formats. This exclusive content is only for students & supporters of the axe academy. Students & supporters sharpen themselves to be better equipped change the world and unleash our collective force together for good.

Vision Executed With You

The Axe Academy is a personal development platform & community for the millennial Christian led by life-architect Eric Samuel Timm. Our VISION is to raise up an army of millennial Christians who decide to be life-long learners, leaders and followers of Jesus all who carry a sharp axe, the best true version of themselves, to build and blaze the trail they dream and then go and do! Your success is our success.


Our PURPOSE is to invest massive energy into YOU and YOUR future by broadcasting professional, user requested life-resources all developed & categorized within our seven patented parts of your “AXE.”


ONE: Christ’s Teachings

TWO: Career and Calling

THREE: Character Development

FOUR: Culture Engagement

FIVE: Critical Thinking

SIX: Communication Skills

SEVEN: Creative Power


Why Should you Consider Axe Academy?

We are multi-dimensional

There are many great leadership resources out there, most of them are one dimensional – using only one form of communication to interact with you. We use multiple channels of communication & media to inspire and equip you. These tools will meet you where you are, and refuse to leave you there.

We are continuing

We are constantly growing with new podcasts, episodes, courses, sermons, and your questions answered every month. Books are a great tool, but once they are printed the content becomes locked in ink and paper. Like our universe, Axe is ever expanding. If you’re looking for that, we are sure to be a good fit.

We are listening

Conversation and dialogue are powerful tools for development and learning. We work hard to make sure that there are feedback loops created for a two way street. We can then answer the questions you have. Creating content is one thing, creating with you in mind is the thing. Our biggest inspiration is you!


If you chose, you can complete our Path To An Axe curriculum. This guided process includes 4 Skype calls will Eric Samuel Timm, completion of specific Axe Courses, a reading plan, and a project to show competency and growth. When completed, you will earn your very own axe with your name engraved in its handle. Most places would send you a piece of paper with your name printed on it. . . we think this is much cooler.


Make your life count and swing away…