Why I Wrote This Book

We have We all have times in our lives when we have to hear the facts. To speak the truth with love is a Scriptural virtue we probably all will have to engage in at some point in our lives. Sometimes we need someone to get in our face and speak it like it is. Because sometimes we feel too emotional about it and we need someone who isn’t “feeling it” like we are. Sometimes we make it too complicated and we need someone to simplify it and call us back to the basics. Sometimes we are too close to it and we need that moment of clarity to get us back to what it’s really about.  




We have chosen to be BLUNT on 7 specific areas:

We have taken 7 common spiritual themes where life has made them complicated, sensitive and dramatic. And we have broken them down into a handful of easy, bite-sized paragraphs to chew on or you could just swallow them whole. We are choosing to be “downright in your face” about some of these topics we face and are wanting to call it like we see it. To share it like we think it. To hear it even when it’s difficult. This is your moment to “rip the band-aid off” and face it.  These 7 specific areas and chapters in the book are listed below:


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