You don't need more social media clutter.  You don't need another message to unpack on social media.  You don't need another blog to keep up on.  My desire is THE NEW YOUNG CHRISTIAN would not be another blog or social media outlet...but a unique place that adds value to your spiritual life.  The posts I will be writing will be written as a response to the questions, conflicts and concerns for those of us living in the next generation as young believers and those of us who are leading forward (including pastors, teachers, coaches, parents, etc) the next generation of Christians as leaders in today's culture.  As faith and culture continue to have collisions, it has never been more critical to engage in honest, meaningful and life-giving conversation in our faith communities than right now. 

The words, NEW YOUNG CHRISTIAN, are intentional.  

NEW because there is a generation of Christians that are living differently than just a decade ago with new challenges:  most know someone who struggles with same sex attraction, many come from a home that has experienced divorce, are experiencing online porn at an earlier age, etc.  We need to recognize the spiritual needs present in these and other areas of real life because the answers we are giving as the Christian community can be incomplete, dated, cliche, etc.  

YOUNG because I want to inspire young believers (millennials/GenY, GenZ, etc.)  and equip those leading these young believers forward.  Direction is more important that speed when you're living in and leading forward the next generation.  These young followers of Christ need a compass...not a speedometer.  That's why there has never been a more critical time in the life of young believers to be engaged and provide leadership.   

CHRISTIAN because Christianity has lost it's potency.  Christians have trouble talking effectively at times about critical topics and I believe authentic followers of Jesus need to contribute to cultural and relational issues by bringing clarity and answers to the authentic conversations many are having in their churches, with their neighbors and in their communities.

Anything you would want to see talked about in the future...leave a comment!  


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