We are revealing our Manifesto of who we are as The New Young Christian.  If you haven't read part 1 of our passion piece read it here.  

We are called to a revolution.  Not a revolution from something but for something.  This revolution demands us to charge the hills, stake our flag in the ground and never give it up.  No matter what is charging at us or trying to overtake us, this is the ground we battle for that we don’t relinquish easily.  There will be a societal clash of arms on these hills because these are not just good ideas but solid ground to defend from the intimidation around us.  When we take the hill, we keep the hill because there is no going back to normal once we do.  The taking and keeping of these hills secures the spiritual future of you and those around you us fight and never give them up. 

These are the hills The New Young Christians will take or die trying. 

Hill #6:  Live Flawed and Move Forward

The New Young Christian believes you have the right to be in process.  A transparent life before God leads to a transformed life before you and others.  We believe in creating a culture where you don’t have to have it all figured out but a willingness to trust in the midst of doubts.  We choose to live with imperfection than with indecision. Decide today to have forward motion while in the midst of imperfections and implications.    If you’re overwhelmed then you are in the right place with God.  If you’re not up to the task, then you’re the right person for the job.  No perfect people allowed makes you the perfect person God wants to use.

You just can’t forget that in your weakest moment God is still the strongestest

It’s a lot easier to agree with the promise God gave you than it is to agree with the process God is giving you.  So we choose to embrace the process. The struggle is real and so is Jesus. You just cannot forget that in your weakest moment God is always the strongest.  Stop trusting casually and start trusting radically. God is not an ideology or a just a theology but a personality.  A person that beckons us to  trust-fall into His arms than crash onto a slab of rigid concepts, weak ideas, or sharp religion. 

It’s a lot easier to agree with the promise God gave you than it is to agree with the process God is giving you

 We remind ourselves constantly:  God is faithful, God is good, God is true, God is miraculous, God is loving and God is evermore. We may not always believe in ourselves but rest assured God believes in us.  So we fight to discover and hold onto the value in God’s love for us than in our love for God.  Making God’s love for us not only our source but making us complete for our future.