When you compare yourself to someone else you were simply saying you were trying to be someone else. Giving you a false inferiority under them if they're better or giving you a false superiority over them if you're better.  You never were supposed to feel superior or inferior but to be an admirer.  And more than admire be an enthusiast.  Celebrate what others are doing a set of comparing what others are doing is the best way to stay free from jealousy and pride. Your uniqueness doesn't and shouldn't make you superior or inferior but peculiar. No one can worship God like you or for you. Since your life as an act of worship, every word you speak is a unique vernacular and sound that is distinct to the chorus of your community: every action is a unique expression to the mosaic of what the kingdom of God looks like the others.  If you don't know who you are and you don't know your identity then culture will tell you who you are and declare your identity.  And culture's rules will usually demand you to conform instead of giving you permission to be unique.  At a time when we are becoming less black-and-white and more gray…there's no better time for you to be the unique masterpiece God has called you to be / (Ephesians 2:10).  A masterpiece is a one of a kind expression from the creator that his valuable because there is none like it.  Companies manufacture pieces that are "mass-produced" and put into "rows and columns to be put in shelves" but a "creators" make masterpieces that are restored and created to be out on display."  So stay one of a kind and stop comparing yourself.