We are revealing our Manifesto of who we are as The New Young Christian.  If you haven't read part 1 of our passion piece read it here.  




Hills to Die On

You are called to a revolution.  Not a revolution from something but for something.  This revolution demands us to charge the hills, stake your flag in the ground and never give it up.  No matter what is charging at you or trying to overtake you, this is the ground you battle for that you don’t relinquish easily.  There will be a societal clash of arms on these hills because these are not just good ideas but solid ground to defend from the intimidation around you.  When you take the hill, keep the hill because there is no going back to normal once you do.  The taking and keeping of these hills secures the spiritual future of you and those around you so fight and never give them up.  These are the hills The New Young Christians will take or die trying:



HILL 1:  Permission To Be Yourself

The New Young Christian believes you to be God’s authentication not someone else’s imitation.   Be “you-nique.”  You are made in God’s image and God cannot be contained.  That’s why there will never be an exact copy of you because that means that God is starting over.  To make a copy is to stop creating...and God never stops creating.  At the intersection of what you love and what you need is who you are made to be and what you are made to do.  It’s not who you are when you grow up but who you are underneath when you go deeper because "the true you" has always been there and always will be. 

True confidence is not what you do with God but what God does with you.

Before the foundation of the world God created who you were meant to be as your foundation.  Discovering your calling is not about working harder or going farther but digging deeper to discover who you are meant to be. So be your original and not someone else’s ideal. That takes confidence but true confidence is not what you do with God but what God does with you.  Be true and authentic to God so you can find your true and authentic self.  Being the most authentic you is what God is looking for and what the world is waiting for. Authenticity is powerful. Authenticity dismantle who others want you to be and enhances who you’re supposed to be.  Authenticity paves the way to having a sincere faith. When you discover who you are meant to be, you won’t want to be anyone else. 


For I am mindful of the sincere faith within you, which first dwelt in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice, and I am sure that it is in you as well."  2 Timothy 1:5


What are your thoughts about being yourself that is difficult where you are at?


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