We are revealing our Manifesto of who we are as The New Young Christian.  If you haven't read part 1 of our passion piece read it here.  



We are called to a revolution.  Not a revolution from something but for something.  This revolution demands us to charge the hills, stake our flag in the ground and never give it up.  No matter what is charging at us or trying to overtake us, this is the ground we battle for that we don’t relinquish easily.  There will be a societal clash of arms on these hills because these are not just good ideas but solid ground to defend from the intimidation around us.  When we take the hill, we keep the hill because there is no going back to normal once we do.  The taking and keeping of these hills secures the spiritual future of you and those around you us fight and never give them up. 


These are the hills The New Young Christians will take or die trying: 

Hill 3: Love Recklessly


The New Young Christian believes to never withhold love from someone who believes differently than you.  No matter who you are, what you’ve done or where you’re from, every human being is invited to experience the love of Christ. If you don't have love you are nothing and your efforts do not matter because no matter how hard we try accumulate still adds up to zero.  But with love we conquer all.  Not just any love but a love that unconditional and supernatural in nature .  We love with no strrings attached to show the world we won't be held back.   Love cannot be contained, muffled or stifled.  Love has no boundaries to hold it back from moving forward.  So we advance, we move forward because if love can't be stopped then we can't either.  What you don't love you have no authority over it to change it but when you choose to love you are given the highest authority.  Because God is love and we believe God is all-powerful making our action to love others the strongest gesture we can show others around us. Love is our marching orders so we will be the first to go in because Christ loved first so we love before they do despite how unreachable, unforgiven, unwanted and unlovable others appear to be.  Jesus welcomes your past.  Jesus welcomes your doubts.  Jesus welcomes your fears.  Jesus welcomes your gender. Jesus welcomes your addiction.  Jesus welcomes your dysfunction. Jesus welcomes you always. 


No matter who you are, what you’ve done or where you’re from, every human being is invited to experience the love of Christ.


We love recklessly because we’ve been forgiven unreasonably so we act responsibily.  To love God and love your neighbor as yourself is the maxim we speak.  Because it is our God’s highest most passionate command then it’s ours too.  To be forgiven much is to love much.  So let’s have an audacious attitude to love as we are unconcerned about the consequences and oblivious to the opinions of others but sensitive to the heart of God for others.  

I tell you, her sins—and they are many—have been forgiven, so she has shown me much love. Luke 7:47