We are revealing our Manifesto of who we are as The New Young Christian.  If you haven't read part 1 of our passion piece read it here.  

We are called to a revolution.  Not a revolution from something but for something.  This revolution demands us to charge the hills, stake our flag in the ground and never give it up.  No matter what is charging at us or trying to overtake us, this is the ground we battle for that we don’t relinquish easily.  There will be a societal clash of arms on these hills because these are not just good ideas but solid ground to defend from the intimidation around us.  When we take the hill, we keep the hill because there is no going back to normal once we do.  The taking and keeping of these hills secures the spiritual future of you and those around you us fight and never give them up. 


These are the hills The New Young Christians will take or die trying. 


Hill 5:  Find Common Ground For Common Good


The New young Christian believes that when good abounds for the benefit of others society flourishes for the benefit of us all.  The spreading of common good that is rooted in selflessness and sacrifice so that when it appears it’s bright for everyone to see and it’s source undeniable (Matthew 5:16). All actions of The new Young Christian are tied to a thread that is all connected to one another for all things to work together (Romans 8:28) for good. We align ourselves with our creator to remind us of who we are and the value of those around us. We don’t have confrontations but conversations.  We are here to win hearts not arguments.  We choose to be an inviting person more than a convincing person. We understand how you communicate is just as important as what you communicate.  So we’ve chosen to suffocate the desire to be right and breathe life into the areas of life where we can right wrongs. 

We choose to not see barriers but opportunities for us to rally around the themes that can do the most good: love, honor, peace, humility, kindness, forgiveness an hope.

We believe graciousness overrules tolerance at the end of the day.  Tolerance says "you be you and I’ll be me" but graciousness says "a better me is a better we."  We position ourselves to have a forgiving attitude and compassionate posture while walking in wisdom with those who’s attitudes’ and beliefs differ from ours because it’s just the right thing to do. That’s why forgiving quickly is one of the most potent ways to share your faith and show other Christianity really works.  We understand we may not always agree but we choose to not see lines drawn in the sand but we see a hands full of sand poised to work together to sculpt and create something never been made before. We choose to not see barriers but opportunities for us to rally around the themes that can do the most good:  love, honor, peace, humility, kindness, forgiveness an hope.  


We don’t have confrontations but conversations.


True joy is not found in pursuing our own desires but pouring ourselves out to fulfill the desires of others.  We choose to keep our lives open because being good neighbors is our desire and creating a better community through radical hospitality makes our homes one of the most sacred places in our neighborhoods to experience Jesus.  We choose to be collaborate with mission and business to see the marketplace become a source of spreading ideas to change for the world.  Acceptance is more paletable to culture than resistance so we choose to accept people where they are and influence people to where they could be in Jesus.  So we choose to resist a culture of self-indulgence so we can live in self-denial modeling revealing the very essence of Christ who perfectly modeled this for us.  Morality is cultural but Godliness is eternal.  We believe finding common ground for common good causes society to flourish and hope to abound. 

“Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.”  Hebrews 10:24