Let's face it:  2017 was wild ride.  So every new year we get an opportunity to reflect, look back and take a fresh crack at another chance to make this year the year that goes down in the history books as one of the best. 



18 Motivations on How to Live Your Best 2018:


1.  You can be dreaming about the big moments but It always starts from obeying in the small moments. 


2. The quality of answers you are getting this year is dependant on the quality of questions you're asking this year.


3.  Listen wisely by turning off the right voices at the right time.   The “non-God” voice in your head is discouraging and can derail you.  It sounds like this: “You can’t do it”; “You are a not good enough”; “You are a terrible _____”; etc   The outside voices that are harmful or toxic are the ones that are divisive, dishonoring and discouraging.


4.  Passion usually leads you there but discipline will keep you there.


5.  Take action when you're lacking support or expertise because It’s not always going to be accessible when you need it.


6.  Don't allow shame to ever be a motivator.  You can distinguish the voice of shame by recognizing that shame says “you’re a bad person” but God’s voice of conviction says “you made a bad choice.”  Shame attacks identity while God acknowledges your choices.  


7.  Take time to recalibrate to God from where He’s taken you from so you can move forward to where God has you going.  


8.  Today’s decisions create tomorrow’s conditions.


9.  Being overwhelmed by God keeps you from being overwhelmed by circumstances


10.  My conduct is more important than what I accomplish.  The reality is some days you're going to win some and some days you're going to lose some.


11.  Put less effort into convincing people and put a lot more effort into inspiring people.  


12.  Stop trying to change your circumstances and start guarding your confidence.


13.  You have radical permission to be yourself.  Your future begins the moment you decide to be you.  


14.  Never underestimate the power of taking a daily 15 minute “Sabbath” in your day to rejuvenate and refresh.


15.  Complaining about your situation muffles the creativity to fix your situation.  So complain less and be more creative this year.


16.  Show me your tribe and I’ll show you your future.


17.  If you’re identity is found in your successes than you will lose who you are when you make your success your yes to God. 


18.  To get “there” without God means you have to sustain there without God as well. 

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