How has your 2018 been so far?  Mine has been great.  New seasons mean forming new paths as you go.  It’s easy to be diverted and sidetracked.  It’s necessary to stretch the boundaries and try new things to go where you have never been.  Some call this stepping “outside the box.”  Don’t think outside the box ... just don’t step into the box to begin with.  I call this “creative discipline.”  Or in other words...make your own rulebook. 


I have forced myself to instead of “stepping out of  my comfort zone” i’ve chosen to “step into my creative impetus.”  Is there another way to live...I say yes.  The way I choose to live is from a Biblical perspectives and from an inspirational motives.   These spiritual axioms are paths that have been worn into my life terrain that when I see it I take it because they are trusted paths that guide me to my best places.  I like where I ended up.  So I’ll take it again.  The more I follow these spiritual directives, the more they make sense.  So I live by them.  I make these rules that I live by:


Rule #1:  Celebrate people as often as you can (...and laugh once a day). 

Rule #2:  Do everything you can to rise to the greatness you were always meant for

Rule #3:  It’s about life rhythms not life balance.

Rule #4:  Honor above all else and before anything  else. 

Rule #5:  Resist issues and insist virtues

Rule #6:  Be overwhelmed by God and not circumstances.  

Rule #7:  Love the process because it’s necessary

Rule #8:  Embracing your weakness shows others God is strongest.

Rule #9:  Be less convincing and more inspiring

Rule #10:  Chase callings not careers

Rule #11:  Talent disintegrates but character appreciates 

Rule #12:  You will be the most secure when you are in God’s presence.  

Rule #13:  Call out potential before performance

Rule #14:  Greater teachability leads to greater responsability

 Rule #15:  Know yourself well to lead yourself well

Rule #16:  Originality then authenticity

Rule #17:  Celebrate successors over successes

Rule #18:  Succeeding at the wrong things could be your biggest failure

Rule #19:   Don’t think outside the box ... just don’t step into the box to begin with.  

Rule #20:  Live life to the full  




Any rules you live by that I can adopt too?