It’s been a great year and 2018 is officially in the books! The New Young Christian believes in mobilizing the next generation to inspire callings restore communities and transform culture. We are a discipleship platform that focuses on personal inspiration and spiritual formation.

We love being able to take everyday encouragement and make them into bit-sized and memorable motivations to keep you running forward into the future you are dreaming about. So we have taken the top 18 inspirations that you liked the most this year and have curated them below for you.


The Best 18 of 2018:

Prayer is less about moving God’s heart and more about aligning yours

Stop trying to outrun your fears and start overcoming your fears


Having an obsession of what people are saying about you is the fastest way to lose your obsession of what God is saying about you

Humitliy is less about your posture in front of others and more about your position in God for others

If you knew how God made you to be you would never want to be anyone else


It’s a lot easier to agree with the promise God gave you than it is to agree with the process you're going through


Your future is too big to be offended by something so small


Maybe you have been assigned the mountain in front of you to show others it’s movable


Complaining about your situation undermines faith for your situation. 


Don’t let someone’s personal opinion about God rearrange your personal belief in God


Burnout is giving out more than what you’re taking in so stop and receive because you’re to good to anyone when your fire is out


Make it less about busyness and more about faithfulness.


You don’t always need people to choose you when you have been chosen by God 


You just can’t forget that in your weakest moment God is always strongest


Partial obedience can feel good but full obedience does good


Success isn’t determined by comparing yourself against another person’s accomplishment but is determined by measuring your YES to God’s YES


You will never reach your full potential in leadership till you become yourself in leadership 


 Be the reason someone believes in Jesus 


Here’s to an exciting 2019!