"I’m not a creative person…I’m more left-brained."

I have heard people say this.  I get it, it's important to know who we are.  We have to know our strengths and limits.  But what you don't realize is that you are more creative than you think.  Science has shown us that the left and the right side of the brain are uniquely made with specific function and purpose.  But creativity isn't restricted to just the right side.  

Sometimes we think, “Have you seen my stick people?  Yeah, I'm not a creative person.”  Not true.  God is a creator.  It is in His nature to create.  God made human beings in His likeness. So if you are made in his image then you are made to create (Genesis 1:26 / Colossians 1:16).  

"So if I'm creative, does that means I can grab a potters wheel and shape an ashtray in 10 minutes and show my girlfriend my clay-making abilities?"  

Probably not.   But it does mean that if you are an accountant, you have the creative ability to create a financial solution for your girlfriend's budget to buy all the clay and kilns she wants to up your bachelor pad game. 

Creativity isn't limited to just creating art.  Your hands have creative power.  Your words have creative power.  Your mind has creative power.  What if we saw an expression of creativity as  creating solutions.  Creativity then would be not limited to drawing pictures but solving problems.  That means creating for some is painting...and for others it's innovation.   Making art and making systems to better information are equally as wonderful to discover.  A poet speaks beautiful sonnets into existence and financial analyst speaks financial instruction to inspire a family to make changes to create a beautiful future.  

Express your creativity today at work, at school, at home and in your relationships today.  You have what it takes to be creative in your space and when you do, watch God show off through you in that moment!